Products I Regret Buying

23rd March 2015

It’s all well and good waxing lyrical about my favourite products and what-not, however I feel that I would be remiss in my duties as an authentic and unbiased blogger if I didn’t talk about products that may have not worked out for me in the past too! So without further ado, let’s get straight […]

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Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer

1st February 2015

Happy Sunday people! I thought today I would share with you a short review and my thoughts about the Makeup Revolution Ultra Face Base Primer (£5.00). Now, I’ve never been much of a primer person myself; infact I think I own only one more apart from this; however I’m gradually beginning to appreciate the value […]

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Eco-Tools Eye Enhancing Duo Set…For my Brows?

31st January 2015

When it comes to me and brushes (with the exception of foundation brushes), it’s typically every man, or brush, for itself. All my non-base products are essentially “multi use”; lip brushes as contour brushes, contour brushes as mineral powder brushes etc, as long as it applies on well, It’s not a big deal for me. […]

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Return of the MAC

26th January 2015

I’ve never been that big on Mac products to be honest – While I understand the camaraderie of the various Mac collection releases, on a whole I do think they are hideously overpriced so aside from my cult products, I don’t really shop there – In fact, this will be the first time I’ve bought […]

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My favourite blushers

25th January 2015

I’m not someone who has a lot of blushes to be honest; when I find one I like, I tend to just stick with it and use it and use it until it hits the pan, then I’ll get a new one. I think I probably have less than 12 blushes overall (#BeautyBloggerFAIL) and so […]

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L'Oreal Colour Riche Exclusive Reds – Liya

6th November 2014

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that I’ve been wearing a lot more red in my selfies than normal. The reason? This baby right here. I’ve found my winter red y’all.  Released earlier this Summer, the Exclusive Reds collection comes in four different shades of red that are supposed to match […]

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I Am in LOVE with GOSH Crazy Volume Mascara!

25th August 2014

GUYSGUYSGUYS *rings klaxon*. GUYS. I think…I have found my new favourite mascara. Of all time. Ever. Of evers. The worst part though? I don’t think that the photos below even do it justice.  I have always had the worst brows of all time; short, stubby and thin, I’ve always had a bit of trouble finding […]

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