NYC Diaries: Week One [Pic Heavy!]


 It’s only been a week, however I feel like i’ve been here forever! This week has gone by shockingly fast but I’m loving NYC so far and the people here are so lovely!

I arrived last Saturday around noon, however left the airport around 1:30 (those folk down in immigration do NOT play. I had to give fingerprints, thumb prints, take a photo AND a retina scan. I half expected them to ask for a vial of my blood next. =/). I then made my way to my apartment on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, just beneath Harlem. There, I met with my AirB&B host who showed me the ropes of the apartment and guided me on NY city life. Luckily, I purchased a City Pass which gets you into some of the popular attractions so I’ve spent the week visiting museums, taking a cruise around Manhattan and visiting the Empire State Building which was amazing!
At the beginning of the week, I found getting from A to B quite difficult as their subway system felt like a damn maze, however I can proudly say that i’ve finally mastered it -that’s not to say that I haven’t had a bit of help along the way; I’ve noticed that Americans have a bit of a soft spot for our accent and I’ve been using it to my advantage. So far;
I managed to get $10 off some American Apparel thigh high socks
I managed to convince an off-duty bus driver to take me from the East-Side all the way to the West-side of Manhattan as I got lost. I had to sit at the front and speak to him the whole way though =/ he kept asking me to say “potato”. Weeeird. x_x.
This week has been a tad slow in terms of going to events, however I hope next week will pick up as I really want to meet new people and chill and vibe and jam and…uh yeah. You catch my drift! Anyhoo, I’ll stop writing now and post up some pics!