Threadings, MAC, Falsies and Horse Mane moisturizer?!

Helllller guys!
Sorry that i haven’t been updating as much, i’ve started my 2nd semester back at uni so it’s starting to get a bit hectic, but i thought i’d quickly slide this post in, so this is gonna be a bit of a quickie:
1. Today I threaded my eyebrows for the FIRST TIME ever in life. For years…YEARS i have been afraid to pluck or wax my brows as i ASSUMED I had a very low pain tolerance, when threading became popular, i started hearing stories, from friends and family, including my mum, how much it hurt and how excrutiating the pain is…so i was put off for life..until today.
I don’t know why i decided to go through with it, it was half spontaneous, half forced (my friend practically pushed me into the arms of the threader lol) but i did it…and it didn’t hurt one bit! I was pleasantly surprised with the results and i think i’ll start doing it like this from now on!
2. Today i purchased a cream base for my eyeshadows, to prevent creasing!
MAC Paint Pot in Artifact £13
It dries really quickly and it’s really hard to remove with make up remover!
3. Maybelline Falsies Mascara.
I bought the new ‘Falsies’ mascara the other day after seeing an advert on TV about them (Yes..i’m an advertizers DREAM lmao) and i thought i’d try it out:
The wand is pusposely bent to get to the smaller areas of the lashes which are hard to get to. 🙂
My eyelashes before:
And after:
(my eyelashes are naturally unruly like that lol)
I really like it. It was easy to apply and was still the same length after the day was over!
4. Mega Tek Horse Mane moisturizer (YES, Horse) =/
So I was on the Vex in the city blog and there was a post about this new ‘wonder product’ which apparently makes your hair grow quite quickly! My hair has been the same length for about 2 years and i want some new growth damnit! Yes, the product is for horses..but it can be used on humans too.
Click here to read more about the product, prices and reviews etc!