Hey Guys.
As you know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and I implore all the girls out there to carry out regular breast checkups at least twice a month!
(Instructions on how to self-examine your breasts are on this website:
Not a lot of people know, but every 1 in 3 women get breast cancer…
Scary isn’t it?

I ‘ve spoken to a lot of girls who feel that they needn’t worry about breast cancer until their mid-forties. While it is true that that is the approximate age where breast cancer normally arises, it is STILL extremely important for us girls to check for early symptoms, expecially if you have a history of breast cancer in your family.(particulary on your father’s side of the family. Ask your parents)
Prevention is better than cure (But cure is still uber important so please donate to your local/national breast cancer research charity or show some love!) 
It’s funny. As teen girls/women (especially us ’emo’ chicks lol), during our emotional and depressive times,a lot of us often complain about ‘hating our lives’ and wishing ourselves dead…wishing ‘maybe it would be better for me and everyone if I wasn’t here.’ At the time, we welcome death. <==I definately know I have. But when that time comes and you find out that your life actually may be in jeopardy, we get scared shitless.
I know first hand how that feels.

Please don’t take your life for granted.
 Be Happy & Healthy 🙂

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