New Heels :D

 My student loan finally came in and i thought i would treat myself to a couple of new heels!
What’s even better is that both these shoes cost under £30! Isn’t that amazing?? I got em both from Matalan (good old matalan, 2nd fave next to primark) and I believe they are just two totally sexual objects. I was reading Stef’s Blog a while back and she was talking about how the right pair of killer stilletos can make you feel soooo sexy and confident…and I totally agree!!! I LOVE heels but i don’t wear them a lot because i’m flat footed so after a while (like 30 mins-1 hour) my feet really start to hurt =( So i kinda just buy them to walk around the house with. True stories. When I need a confidence boost (or to tone my legs!) then i just wear them when doing housework etc lol!
Disclaimer: Apologies for the crappy quality of the pics. Was using my phone camera and no my legs aren’t dry, it’s just the grainy picture quality/too much noise in the photo, Lol.

Been aching for a pair of ankle boots! I wasn’t sure at first because my legs are quite…not small lmao but I have long legs so I think i can carry them off.
Damn thick ankles!!!! Ah well, can’t change em lol.

And these lovelies are the 2nd pair of heels. They have been dubbed, the Wedding Stripper Heels. Lmao because they are pretty enough to wear to a formal event such as a wedding, but then also, if you’re in a…naughty mood, they are versatile enough to be put to use as well lmao.

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