Baaack to life, baaaack to reality..

Sooo sorry for the delay in posts recently! My 4 month summer vacation has officially ENDED and I am now back to educational civilisation! (Groans).
This week has just been so hectic. I swear, my law school has the WORST administrative faculty i’ve ever experienced! I had to keep running around and trying to sort out what subjects I am to take this year.
For my final year, i’ve chosen to study Medical Law, Evidence, Family Law & Jurisprudence(<–this is similar to Criminlogy/Sociology etc) and because it’s my final year, i’m going to be working triple hard so that I can aim for at LEAST a 2:2 honours classification. Sooo yeah…fun times i suppose 😐 lol.
Ooooh also i’m really really reaaaaally happy for my other half who has an interview with Teen Vogue in New York to be an assistant fashion consultant! Ok i won’t lie, i’m slighty (very) jealous because he is living MY dream damnit! =( But yeah, i’m praying so hard that he gets it because it’s an AMAZING oppurtunity and he LOVES fashion like me and it would be soo cool! It’d be like Sex and the City (without the sex bit ¬_¬ ¬_¬ ¬______¬) Lol!!

Ummm what else can I say? Oh yeah, i’ve fallen off the diet wagon. =(
Ever since i moved into my new house and my ‘break up’ (we have since reconciled lol..) I just let myself completely GO. I don’t know how much i’ve put on because i didn’t bring my scales with me, but i can tell its a lot. It’s not easy since i have the following food stores LITERALLY 100 yards or less away from my house: Subway, KFC, Pizza Hut & McDonalds. What’s even worse is that i actually have free student discount cards to all those stores, given to me at the freshers fair so everything is dirt cheap. =(. Today I actually ate a whole cake. o_0. By myself. Yep. Ok ok so it was one of those small £1 Battenburg cakes but still! I ate it WHOLE! Funny thing is, i don’t really feel guilty lol 😀
So yeah…! That’s about all I can think of on the updates front. I must start posting on my other blog ( ) but i can’t be assed to upload photos grrrr! I’ll do it anyway, as soon as i finish eating (again) lmao i’m such a Yoda*.

 *Yoda wtf? Lmao soz it was the first thing i thought of. let me go before i start chatting more nonsense lmao.

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