ASOS Sweatdress

Oh hai guise. Long time, I know.

As a lot of you probably noticed, I took a bit of time away from my blog to deal with some emotionally traumatic events, as well as focus on my mental health. I won’t be going into detail about it here; what is important right now is that I try and focus on rebuilding, starting again and writing a new chapter of my life, filled with learning new skills, making new friends and working on myself to become even more awesome than I am already. 🙂

I finally feel strong enough to start up with my blog shenanigans again, so I thought I’d start off with this casual getup, by none other than my beloved ASOS Curve, photographed by the wonderful Alyson Melody.

Sweat dress ASOS Curve // Oversized Tights Boohoo // Yellow Ribbed socks (sold out) – Similar ASOS // Vans – Office

ASOS Sweatshirt 3

ASOS sweartdress single 22

As much as I am a huge fan of fashion and everything that comes with it when it comes to my personal style I prefer the more casual approach. I was always a fan of skater culture in my teen years and wanted to *kinda sorta* pay homage to that period of my life.

This sweat dress isn’t as heavy as it may look; it’s actually quite lightweight and I was able to size down by one size as it’s pretty oversized. I teamed the dress with a pair of oversized fishnet tights by boohoo, a pair of ribbed socks and some old Vans.

ASOS Closeup


Style the sweat dress with a corset belt, or perhaps bare-legged with a pair of slip-on plimsolls.

ASOS Sweat dress 4


Bare with me on the content-front guise – am still trying to ease my way back into society!


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  • Oh, I’m so glad to hear you are doing better (sorry, I keep commenting this all over). That dress looks so comfy! The photos are ace too.

  • Nikee Rayner

    Well hello gorgeous. This is a perfect skater throwback look, and I’m so happy to see some fresh content from you. Keep being you, you beautiful darling x