My Favourite POC Plus Bloggers


I’ve been saying for a while about how i’d love to start writing more meaningful things on my blog; I have a platform, so why not talk about things that matter to me? Well one thing that is of huge importance to me (and something which I constantly talk about on my social media) is the lack of ethnic representation within the blogging/modelling community.

It’s been quite difficult for me to construct this post as so many feelings and thoughts; I‘ve been sitting on this post for nearly three months trying to come up with a cohesive essay, however I’m scrapping that and what I’m going to do instead is feature some of my favourite plus bloggers of colour and show some love! I hope you guys come to love ’em as much as I do. 😀

  1. TatiAna Mercedes (Marfmellow)  (US)


Website: | Twitter: @Marfmellow | Youtube: TatiAnaMercedes

Follow if: You’re passionate about issues within the plus sized community; if you’re into dope plus size street and DIY fashion; if you have a dirty sense of humour.

2. Lucia from U Can’t Wear That (UK)

UCantWearThat | Twitter: @UCantWearThat | IG: Ucantwearthat

Follow if: You want to see fashion from the larger spectrum of the plus size community; if you’re into beauty & makeup; if you’re into looking at beautiful women in gorgeous dresses!

3. Paige Christie (UK)


Website:, | Facebook: PaigeChristieUK | Twitter: @Paige_Christie | IG: @Christie4991

Follow if: You’re into supporting UK plus size models of colour; If you’re into PokemonGo; If you’re a photographer because she’s photogenic AF; if you’re a plus size brand looking to feature a gorgeous black plus size model.

4. Mayah Thomas (UK)

Mayah Thomas

Blog: | IG: Mayah.Camera | Twitter: @MayahCamera

Follow if: You’re a HUGE fan of Michael Jackson; If you’re a fan of vintage, pin-up and rockabilly looks.

5. Isha (An Autumn’s Grace) (UK)

isha collage

Blog: An Autumn’s Grace | Twitter: @PicPixie | IG: @Pic_Pixie

Follow if: You’re into gorgeous pin-up dresses; If you’re into absolutely gorgeous photos of London and exciting lifestyle posts.

6. Bishamber Das (UK)

Bishamber Collage

Website: GC Models | Twitter: @Dasbishamber | IG: @Bishamberdas

Follow if: You’re looking to follow more Asian plus size models; Bishamber is one of the first in the UK!

7. Stephanie ‘Legs Up To Here’ DJL (UK)

Steph Collage

Blog: | Twitter: @StephanieDJL | IG: @StephanieDJL

Follow if: You’re into fun, relaxed fashion; If you’re tall and looking for outfit inspo!

8) Chanel Boateng (UK)

Chanel Collage

Blog: | Youtube: ChanelBoateng | Instagram: @ChanelBoateng

Follow if: You’re into beauty/makeup and are on the hunt for some awesome tips and tutorials; If you’re looking for advice on clothing pieces and love watching behind the scene vlogs from your fave Youtuber! If you’re into honest reviews and beautiful videography/photography.

9. Olivia Campbell (UK)

Website: | Twitter: @_OliviaCampbell | IG: @CurvyCampbell

Follow if: You’re a plus size brand looking for a GORGEOUS model for your campaign!

10. Ushshi (US)


Blog: | Twitter: @DressCarcass | IG: @Ushshi

Follow for: fearless fashion and amazing makeup, plus honest thoughts on the plus size fashion indsutry.

  • A lot of inspiration. I bookmarked several links, thanks.