Wiggle Wiggle with ASOS Curve

ASOS Wiggle Curve 7

When I tell you that this dress has changed my life??

Guys. Over the past year I had been toying with the idea of purchasing a wiggle dress as the structure of such dresses were quite form fitting. As someone who’s always been a lover of the fit n’ flare type dress, this was new territory for me. As someone who’s body shape is quite boxy what with me being a bit bigger on top than below, I was also a bit wary of how this would look on someone like me who doesn’t have the traditional “hourglass shape”.

When I bought and tried on this wiggle dress on however, I fell in love. The fit is absolutely gorgeous, the arm space is generous, I love the subtle yet sexy front split of the dress and the print is gorgeous. The dress gives such lovely definition and looks and feels structured without the fabric being too rigid, which is great. The dress is still currently on sale for a mere £24 and now I want ALL THE COLOURS. See below for some of my favourites within the Curve range and remember that the prints and styles below are also available within the main range of ASOS too!

ASOS Wiggle Curve 6
ASOS Wiggle Curve 5
ASOS Wiggle Curve 4
ASOS Wiggle Curve 3
ASOS Wiggle Curve 2
ASOS Wiggle Curve


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  • So I think I gushed over this a lot on IG but bloody hell do you make this dress! Fab-U-Lous!

    C xx

    • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

      Thank you so much!! <3

  • Mariam Sesay

    You look amazing, as always!!! The colour and patterns compliments you beautifully! (Love your blog by the way!!!)

  • Becky Brown

    Love this look so much i’ve pinned into my fabulous fatties board https://uk.pinterest.com/boobrown87/fabulous-fatties/

    • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)


  • Gorgeous dress Steph! x

    • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

      Thank you babe!

  • nmettille

    Just have that dress surgically grafted to your skin because it’s AMAZING.


    • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

      Aww thank yuo so much!! <3