STYLE | District 12


I feel like I haven’t done a style post in so long so it feels good to be putting on up right now! I bet some of you are wondering why I’ve named the post ‘District 12’ – well it’s simply because when I tried on this New Look Rust Tie Waist Shirt Dress at the shop and looked in mirror, I felt like an extra from The Hunger Games. It just feels very ‘Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian’ and I feel like a character out of George Orwell’s 1984. The best pieces are always ones that evoke a feeling or set a certain mood or attitude, and this dress is definitely up there. While i’m not the biggest fan of my arms being on show, It can be forgiven as the rose/copper colour is simply gorgeous and is one that I think compliments my skintone really nicely!

It has a drawstring waist that brings in a bit of definition and I have styled the outfit with a New Look monochrome grid clutch and some Primark sandals. Simples!



New Look Rust Drawstring Dress – New Look (on sale!)
Monochrome Grid Clutch – New Look (similar here)
Shoes – Primark

  • Kitty Wood

    You look totally incredible <3

  • tammy wilson

    You look lovely in that dress

  • I have this dress in stone. Unfortunately, my husband “accidentally” washed it on 60 and now it barely covers my bottom! Loving the rust though – may need to get it and just not let the hubby wash it.

    C xx

  • Just came across your blog by way of that horrible situation with your reader and the Charleston tweets.
    Love the pics and the style, though!

    • Anne

      Me too and ditto!

      • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

        Thank you Anne! You guys are so kind xxx

    • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

      Thank you Carter!

  • Here from Twitter.. Hi Stephanie! Read your tweet about the highly inappropriate email you received. I felt the need to support your blog and maybe hug you and tell you I love you. You are very loved. following you! @maryzenx Oh with the fashion!!!

    • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

      Hello! Oh thank you so much! I’m so touched Mary 🙂 <3 Thank you!