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Now for something a little different!

When it comes to my style, I find that I’m very much into muted, neutral tones, toned down primary colours and good old monochrome. Safe, colours. This time I decided to play around a little bit with colours, graphics and accessories and introduce a little flava (that was cringe but i’m using it anyway) into my wardrobe this Spring.
 Now if you haven’t guessed by the title already, I’m a huge admirer of plus size model Tess Holliday. I just love everything she stands for; she’s a huge supporter of self love and acceptance and just general bad-assery, as well as being the creator of the #EffYourBeautyStandards hashtag movement, which was how I was introduced to her page.


Anyhoo about a month ago, I spotted a photo she posted on her Instagram wearing this AX Paris Curve dress that I just fell in love with. I decided to opt for something different and fun and purchase the dress and I’m so glad I did! Swing dresses are not normally for me as I sometimes feel they make me look a bit like a tent, but I think I may have just about managed to make it work. If not, meh, I still felt great parading around in this. I styled this with my old New Look chelsea boots, an old floral headband from River Island and a little funky necklace from Primark. The dress feels like quasi-scuba material; whatever it is, it’s a little thick which I think gives it a nice structure without being too floaty.

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  • Hollie Burgess

    Flava is all over the shop in this post. The colours are amazing, as are you. x

  • Charlotte Flynn

    OMG that dress is gorgeous on you!! I am so jealous, I am very scared of trying prints because I never think they would look good on me but on you they are amazing 😀 xxxx

  • Love this on you and the colors are so vibrant.

  • Gorgeous outfit, so colorful. love ur headband 🙂

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    Thank you so much! 🙂

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    Thank you! I'm really enjoying it at the moment 🙂

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    Haha cheers love!! <3<3<3

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    Thank you! But definitely go for it! If it'something that you think will make you feel nice, I say full steam ahead, regardless of how others may think it looks on ya.:D

  • This looks phenomenal on you! Like a punk rocker with flowers in her hair …

    C xx

  • Rumbielove

    Gorgeous dress, love the floral mix of colours.
    Your braids look great too. I miss having them.
    -Rumbie Love –