Dr.Organic Royal Jelly Skin Whitening Cream | Introduction

Like a lot of people (especially those with darker skin tones), I suffer from hyper-pigmentation and the occasional dark spot here and there. I know that there are loads of creams, lotions and potions out there that claim to ‘treat’ hyper-pigmentation but lets face it; they typically fall into either one of two categories; they either A) cater towards fairer skinned consumers with claims to reduce redness, or B) contain a dangerous amount of untested and unverified chemicals, such as the notorious Hydroquinone, which can cause disastrous and often irreversible effects on the skin if used for a prolonged amount of time.
There have been Lord knows how many issues and controversies when it comes to lightening creams in general, especially within the Afro-Caribbean and Asian communities, due to the media driven ideology that somehow, to be lighter is to be better’, which we all know is complete bull.shite.
A few weeks ago, Dr Organics released the Organic Royal Jelly Skin Whitening Cream (£9.99) in Holland & Barrett nationwide, as well as online and the media went crazy over it – especially the name and use of the word “whitening”. Now straight off the bat I do despise the fact that the word ‘whitening’ was used as the description instead of ‘lightening’, as I do think it is pretty harmful – I do not want to cure my hyper-pigmentation by ‘whitening’ my skin – I want my skin tone to be even all across the board. That’s neither here nor there however.
I’m a fan of Holland & Barrett and in the interests of curiosity, I have decided to try out this lightening cream over the course of two months, reporting any results or changes every two weeks to see if this cream does in fact work. The cream contains skin lightening ingredients such as Algowhite and Alpha-Albumin and does not contain Parabens, SLS and has no artificial colours, fragrances or preservatives. It also contains: aloe vera juice, mulberry extract, sandalwood oil, patchouli oil and cedarwood – that’s right, it smells like a candle but it is a rather pleasant aroma.
I’m going to be testing the cream on a variety of areas on my body – however for the sake of the review, I’ll be using my knee, which is darker than the rest of my leg.
Dr Organic_Day 1
Here’s hoping that we see some results soon aye?
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  • Hello lol.

    Ok…yea I was worried if it had Hydroquinone in. The ingredients don't sound bad at all from my prospective. I'm always looking for products that even skin tones due to my skin marking very easily and one I swear by has just become discontinued I'm gutted. Using it like it is 24k cream lol. X

    • steph

      Hey girl! Ooh what one did you used to use before?? And yeah the ingredients sound safe enough, but we shall see.

  • thank you girl! can it be used on the face? really appreciate the before pic!!!

    • steph

      Hey love and thank you! It can be used on the face, but not too much as it's a very thick/rich cream!

  • Crissy (Dainty Fawn)

    Ooh this will be interesting to see if there's results! Do you think this would work on dark scars?

  • Hi, how's the Dr Organic going? I'm thinking about buying it, but I want to know how it's going for you so far. Thanks 🙂

  • Hi,

    Please do u have any update for us?

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    So sorry for the late response! Yes, I will be posting an update this weekend xx

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    Apologies for the late response! I will be posting it up this weekend x x

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    I’m hoping so! I’ve been trying it on my knee and to be honest, I’m not that impressed, but I’ll post a more in depth review within the next week.

  • Chloé

    Where’s the update?

  • Gemma

    Hello there. 🙂 Would you mind informing me of whether this worked? And also perhaps post an update picture, please? I’ve tried searching, but could not find any updated information regarding this product. I have acne scars and also have been on antibiotics for about a month now which has recently caused my skin to become very, noticeably, hyper-pigmented and incredibly uneven across my face, especially around my mouth and upper lip area in particular. Not to mention having caused my acne scars to darken and therefore become more noticeable. Everything was going so well, in terms of my spots, face was clearing up and my skin-tone was beginning to finally become visibly even. But suddenly the areas of unevenness are like 5 times darker. Could you please shed some light on the efficacy of this product? Thank you.

    • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

      Hiya Gemma,

      Apologies for the delay – I’ve had a few issues with blogging over the last couple of months, but I will be putting an update up within the next week or so.

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)

    So sorry again. It’s going up within the next week

  • Nosheen

    Where is the update?

  • Maeda Begum

    Hi I can’t find your update on this? So quick brief on this, does this work did it make it lighter?

  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)
  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)
  • Stephanie (Nerd About Town)
  • china

    Hey stephanie my names China,
    I’ve been using this cream for about two weeks now ,and if I’m honest I don’t see a difference at all… but it’s a great cream in general. I was just wondering if I should carry on using this cream or should I stop .. or do think I should carry on using it for a little while longer and I might get a result please let me know thank you

  • laila


    Can you also use it on your lips ?