You give me (Hay)Fever.

You gotta love an ASOS sale when they come around, don’t ya? I spotted this floral beauty on ASOS about three months ago and patiently waited for the day when it would hit one of ASOS’s frequent sales before I snapped it up. What stood out to me about the dress was its’ asymmetrical ‘bat’ sleeve on one side; granted it doesn’t exactly look the same as it does on the model, infact it could be mistaken for looking like an extra piece of random material, but I feel that the business of the print more then compensates for it. I sized up in this dress as I thought that the arms may be a bit tight as I’m larger up top. Because of the size up, it looks pretty long and baggy on me but I don’t mind as I find it to be quiet charming #bagladyalert. Also, LOOK AT THE PRINT. Makes my nose itch just looking at it – I’m in love!

I think I own about a good 4 or 5 floral dresses now. This time last year, my entire wardrobe consisted of blacks, navy blues and browns; mayyyyyybe a little green if I was feeling frisky. Style blogging and being within the plus sized blogging community has been instrumental in increasing my confidence and giving me that confidence to wear pieces that I normally wouldn’t dream of wearing out in public. Do I still dislike certain parts of my body? Hell yeah and I probably always will, but life is just far too short to worry about what other people may think. I still have my insecure days where I’ll lock myself in my room, look in the mirror and just cry, but those occasions are now few and far between. Anyhoo I didn’t mean for this to go down the soppy route, I’ll shaddap now LOL. Enjoy!








Vintage Floral Asymmetric Dress – ASOS Curve

Chelsea Boots (sold out) – Alternaltive here

Floral Garland (sold out) – Alternative here

Round shades (sold out) – Alternative here

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  • ooh, it's lots of fun!! I love your setting as well!! I too just nabbed a dress off that massive sale, I'm looking forward to it's arrival!!!

    I love blogging and being within this community, just seeing so many rad stylish babe gives a breath of life and confidence to just keep doing what you want and pushing ever forward!

    You look fabulous doll!


    • steph

      Thank you so much love! What dress did you get??

  • So gorgeous! Love that dress x

    • steph

      Thank you doll!!!

  • Chai and Chapsticks

    That dress is awesome… Love the floral print and the vibrant colours.

    • steph

      Aww thank you so much! ASOS Curve are really coming out with some bangers.

  • Gorgeous dress – ASOS is one of my favourite sites to shop on! Also, you have got amazing legs, lady! Xox

  • You look GOD DAMN AMAZING. I'm totally loving the fact that your finding yourself and I think we all have our hang ups but your definitely embracing and finding styles and experimenting and that's what it's all about.

    Your like me, if I like something and I'm not feeling to pay full price, if the universe wants me to have it, it'll hit that god damn sale LOL xo