The Clash.


As the Summer approaches, I’ve taken to adding more colour and pattern choices to my wardrobe. Lately I’ve been combining clashing prints together; sometimes they work, sometimes it doesn’t and when I got these peg legged trousers, I knew that I wanted to combine them with another ‘loud’ print. Enter the monochrome dogstooth fitted blazer from Yours Clothing*. 

Although structured, it does allow a bit of give and is thankfully comfortable around the upper back/arm area – a problem I always seem to have to coats and jackets.

I think the monochrome goes great with the vibrant aqua/sea green digital print of the trousers – for work I would probably replace the crop top with a plain grey or black blouse though. The crop top is actually a size 8! I accidently picked up the wrong size and just couldn’t be bothered to return it and somehow, I made it work. Thankfully the style of the crop top is meant to be very oversized/baggy so that worked in my favour. Don’t be scared to look for items outside of your size range because you could be surprised at what you find!




Black & White Dogstooth Jersey Jacquard Jacket – c/o Yours Clothing

Grey Oversized Crop Top – Primark

Digital Print Peg Leg Trousers – Primark

I’m wearing plain black sandals from Dorothy Perkins – No longer available

  • The jacket is absolutely gorgeous, I love the print. I get the problem with it feeling restricted around the arms too so perhaps it's a piece I should be looking at. The clash of prints gives the outfit an edgy vibe :).

    Sarah xo | PolkaDotLemon

  • You look lovely. I love the trousers.

  • OMG! I absolutely love the way you put everything together! It works perfectly!

    xo, N