Get Shorty.


It was a beautiful day over the weekend so I decided to get out the gams and finally wear these spotted culotte shorts that I got from ASOS Curve a while back. I’m having somewhat of an ASOS lovefest at the moment and it’s so bad. I’ve literally been buying at least one item every couple of days *sigh*. I’m trying to incorporate more skirts and shorts in my wardrobe this summer as I want to show off my legs more, something I’ve ever attempted to do in the past as I used to be quite self conscious over them. But fuck it and all that yanno?!



Love Heart Jumper | Past Season Primark

Spotted Culotte Shorts | ASOS Curve

Chelsea Boots | New Look

Shopper Bag | Last Season Zara | Similar here

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  • Oh ass shot. Like I said before, adore the shorts, the outfit is great as a whole too 🙂

    LOL TRUE BLUE in the background – it's amazing how big they get so quickly *tears up*