Brick Lane v Steph: Part Two

I pretty much have a hate-hate relationship with Brick Lane. The South-East Londoner in me WANTS to love it, but the Victor Mildew in me cannot stand the whole Hipster/alternative/scene gentrification thing…and the crowds. Honestly I’ve seen sloths move faster than the people in the market. Infuriating! Anyhoo I vowed never to set foot in Shoreditch/Brick Lane after my disastrous attempt last time, but seeing as I was going to meet Annie anyway, I thought I’d go gallivanting around the market to take random photos. It wasn’t that busy so I had time to go into the little vintage boutiques and buy some yummy food off the stalls. I won’t lie. It’s a pretty OK place. I guess. Hard for me to admit but, there you go.:P

Now for photos!

brick lane 024

brick lane 030

brick lane 017

brick lane 004

brick lane 013

brick lane 031

brick lane 025

brick lane 032

brick lane 022

brick lane 045

  • The whole trendy "scene" thing can be really annoying, as it is an amazing place (I work near there, so see it all the time!)
    I'm glad you liked it second time around