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As of late, I’ve noticed that I’ve been purchasing a hell of a lot of clothes and shoes from ASOS. I guess you could say that I’m having a bit of a moment with them currently, especially the Curve collection which has been steadily getting better and better.
Anyhoo, this is my current wishlist of things that I need for ALL THE REASONS, especially that jumper/skirt set! I’m really into chunky boots this season and I feel that the items above would go great with. What do you guys think?
1. ASOS Alice & You Black Heart Print Skater Dress
2. ASOS Vintage Cocoon Coat
3. ASOS Curve Exclusive Knitted Monochrome Skirt 
3.1.ASOS Curve Exclusive Knitted Monochrome Jumper
4. ASOS Leather Biker Jacket
5. ASOS Faceted Jewel Collar Necklace
6. ASOS Chain Link Bezel Watch
7. ASOS Leather Clutch Bag with Tassels
8. ASOS Airplane Chelsea Ankle Boots
9. ASOS T-Rex Shoe Boots
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  • Allie H

    I love those T rex shoes, amazing xx

  • Hola Bambi

    Those Chelsea boots are the nuts!! xxx