New Territory…

I’ve been contemplating for the last three years whether to start including fashion on my blog. In the past I’ve never done it as I’ve always felt too self conscious of how I look in photos; I somehow ALWAYS end up looking like a bushbaby caught in headlights (hence why I’ve blanked out my eyes in the first pic) but this year I’m deciding to take the bull by the horns and I’m going to officially join the fatshion movement and start posting up some looks of the day. So be nice, please!

asos 010111

asos 0351


I saw this cute swing dress on Gabi’s blog and instantly had to have it as it’s so versatile! I decided to pair it with some Primark boots and ASOS Curve mock suspender tights.

ASOS Curve Swing Dress

ASOS Curve Tights

Belt  (worn back to front)- Primark

Bejewelled Starlet Bracelet – Glitzy Secrets

Boots – Primark

Cardigan – Primark

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  • yasssssss babes. You look gorgeous. xx

  • Beautiful dress! And that bracelet is gorgeous…definitely think you should keep it up

  • Vesta

    You look great, this is encouraging for other fatshionistas

  • You have nothing at all to be self-conscious about. Love the outfit (especially the boots). You werk it girl haha!

    Nakita x

  • Oh yes honey chiiill, you werk it now! Show off what your mama gave you! Look forward to more of these xo

  • amazing pics and great outfit.. cant wait for more outfit posts xx