Weight Loss Update

So last November, I decided to get back on the weight loss gig as I wanted to FINALLY do something about it, with no excuses or fad diets involved. I started going to the gym…and then I quit the gym as I wanted to save money and I bought a home DVD which I’ve been doing 4 times a week and it seems to be going really well. Since last October, I’ve lost a total of 23 lbs and I’m very proud of myself!

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My overall goal was to loose 60-70lbs in total and now that 23 of them have gone, it makes the journey a lot easier, however there’s still a long way to go!
Changes I’ve made
– Drinking more water (I know it’s cliche but it really does work!)
– Eating LOADS more protein and drinking protein shakes, especially after working out.
-Slowly phasing out carbs from my diet. If I do eat carbs, I only eat the brown stuff and sweet potatoes.
– Eating fat-free yogurts with fruit for breakfast and snacks.
-Cutting out toast *cries inside* and butter.
-Checking the labels for Saturated fats and sugar on everything I buy. 
-Treating myself one day a week. We have fish and chip Fridays at work. That’s where I indulge!
-Aiming to work out 4 days a week. I want to try for 6 eventually, but 4 is good for now. I’ve been doing a high intensity interval training and it works wonders for fat burning as you keep burning the fat for 48 hours, however I think i’m ready to kick things up a gear as that workout is only 20 minutes long. I have the Insanity DVDs but  haven’t touched them yet as I’m scared. 🙁 LOL.
I’ve decided to incorporate the XLS-Medical Fat Burning Pills for that extra boost after reading up on it on Sophia and Sandra’s blog.
Here are a couple “comparison” photos..although there’s not really much of a difference to be honest!
Circa September-November 2012

Now I don’t know why I look small in this photo because I really wasn’t. I s’pose the shirt was hiding all the excess garbage, plus I was sucking in LMAO. *sigh*

I’ve given myself a mini goal – to lose a further 36lbs in 100 days i.e, before I go to America this Summer! 
Can this be done? *gulp*
How are you all doing on your weight loss goals? 
Do you use any extra aids to help?
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  • Just lovely you GO GIRL! I'm working on my weight as well. I love how you said cutting out bread & butter lmbo. Im trying to break away as well. Im currently 198lb but don't look it. I want to go back to my original 165lb I was balancing 3 years ago. I wish you the best in your weight lost journey.

    • steph

      Thank you so much 🙂 🙂 I will admit its hard – especially during that time of the month when you want to eat everything infront of you lol, but perseverance is key! Good luck!

  • Congratulations honey. That's so fantastic, I'm proud of you! High Intensity Interval Training is amazing. I had a few of those but the one I like shock horror is the Josie Gibson dvd. I think it's always good to remember why you are losing weight and that there is no race. xo

    • steph

      Aww thank you so much!! LOL i'm doing the Josie Gibson one too! It's hard but easy to follow. I'm currently on level 2! How are you finding it?