The Kardashion Kollection x Dorothy Perkins | Photos

I remember when I first heard about the Kardashians creating a line for my beloved Dorothy Perkins, my first thought was “this collection is going to be tacky and cheap”. Well, to be honest I wasn’t disappointed. The Kardashian Kollection hits all Dorothy Perkins stores and online from the 7th of November.

The “K”ollection features loads of Kim-K style signature bandage dresses, leopard prints and structured jackets. While some of the designs look nice, the quality looks a bit cheap judging from the photos. There are a few items that look interesting, such as the faux-leather leggings (below) and the black knee-length dress (as worn by Kim K above). As for the bags…just no. I’m not the biggest fan of the Kardashians and it’s for that reason that I tried to stay impartial and open-minded as I didn’t want it to cloud my opinion on the collection but, aside from the couple of items i mentioned above, I’m not feeling it at all. The collection starts from around ¬£30. 
Take a look at some of the collection below and judge for yourself! What do you think?

  • Awesome collex, I will be sure to grab a few pieces. Thanks for sharing x

  • I agree, not really to my taste I like some of the dresses and the leather jacket but mostly it isn't something I would pick up. I do however have have to admit I do love the Kardashian's I watch it all the bloody time, very addictive LOL x

  • I don't think anything is overally bad it's just not anything I would wear. It seems they have designed the collection based on their own body shapes. x

  • I wanted to get the dress and trousers you mentioned and then changed my mind. They have decided to cater for women with more shape but I feel that their style hasn't 100% come through with the collection imo! xo