Christmas Cupcakes Yankee Candle

Hey guys! It’s time for another candle review, this time it’s Yankee Candle’s ‘Christimas Cupcake’ Large Jar Candle.
So I kinda missed out on the whole Yankee Candle craze last year as at that time, I wasn’t really into candles and all that jazz. Well, times sure have changed!
Winter and Christmas are coming and lately, I’ve been buying loads of candles to keep warm in the evenings. One day, I decided to go on eBay to see if I could get any deals on a Yankee and managed to get this Christmas Cupcake one for £14.00 for the large jar.
I love the overall designs of the Yankee jars – the design looks like it should be in the living room of some some stately pre-1900 English estate. Very regal!
To be honest, I thought this scent would put me into the Christmas spirit, but all it’s done honestly, is made me gag. It’s an extremely sickly/sweet smell. Sort of like mixing candyfloss with Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb and white sugar. I like sweet scents, but this is too overpowering for my liking.
The burning time is pretty decent though, I will say. When I lit the candle for the first time, I lit it for around 3 hours and the scent lingered in my room immediately for about 4-5 hours.
I would definitely purchase another Yankee candle, but not a sweet smelling one!

Does anyone have any scents they could recommend?
What are your favourite scents?
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  • Powdered Almond

    Aw what a shame you don't like the smell. Can you believe I've never tried a Yankee candle? I will do at some point I'm sure, I do like a good candle. Lovely pictures. x

  • DawnieP

    Oh my god I am candle obsessed. At the minute I've got orange spice and it is absolutely yummy!


  • I really need to try a Yankee candle everyone seems to have tried them I want one! I hate sweet smells too so wouldn't purchase a flavour like that either I prefer fresher smells! x

  • I've been hearing about these candles all over the place at the moment, and came across on the other day and oh my are they lush!