Zara is Killing Me Softly….

….With their items this season! I don’t know about you guys, but i’m loving Zara’s collection so far this year. Here are a few items that will be going le’ wishlist. 🙂
1. Mara-Lena Ora Oro Bed Linen 
2. Mini Leather Shopper
3. Double Fabric Layer Trench Coat
4. Studded Ankle Boot
5. Leather Sandal
6. Polka Dot Jeans
7. Horse Print Blouse
8. Bowling Bag
Are ya feeeeeeeeeeeeelin’ it?? 
What other collections are you feeling this season?
  • Have you been instore yet? I picked up some shoes I'd ordered yesterday and had to practically RUN out before i started buying up the place!Love their A/W stuff.

  • Great collection I'm loving Zara, number 2&5 calling my name hehe. Great post!

  • That bed sheet is so beautiful! I am re-doing my bedroom and I am look for some inspiration xx