Team Natural!

I cut off all my hair! 
Yesterday I cut off all of my relaxed ends, which left me with my natural hair. I had been a bit wary because I’m not used to rocking short hair, I love length, but since summer is coming up, I want to start looking after my hair properly.
I love the curls!
  • Welcome to the family, I hope you enjoy your hair x

  • I love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy! I go natural every now and then too 😀

  • Sabrina

    Looks amazing!

  • Wow your hair looks great short.

  • I think you look gorgeous. Short hair suits you x

  • oh my gosh this is so great! you look beautiful. I think the hair looks great

  • Your skin is great!!!! And the hair is fine. You have just to get used to them…

  • WitchHazel

    Love the 2nd photo, you have a great profile. Love the hair! You're definitely rocking the short look ;D

  • Shanay

    Great job going natural!!!! I also went natural,almaost a year now.

    My natural journey

  • The Sunday Girl

    You have such an amazing profile and the hair looks great, I once got mine chemically straightened and had to crop it all off too but it's worth it for the virgin hair (and the quickness of styling haha)