The Complete Clusterfuck That Was…

The Doc Martens Sale at Brick Lane a couple of weeks ago.
While thinking of the title, I had other ideas such as the ‘travesty’, the ‘debacle’ or the ‘craziness’, but, and pardon me for swearing, but I chose CLUSTERFUCK to accurately describe the feeling at the time.
If you were on Twitter that day, you probably would have seen me live tweeting the “event” as it were – only because I had nothing else to do. Let me…let me just give you guys a rundown of the events shall I?
8am – I wake up, refreshed and feeling great. The sun is shining and the birds are singing. Good times.
9am – I’m on the train to Shoreditch High street. “Ah it won’t matter if I’m a few minutes late” said I, “It opens at 10, so even if I get there, I’ll be waiting for about 30 minutes maximum.” Hmph.
10:04: – Surrounded by hipsters. Feel very uncomfortable as It looked like a scene from Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
10:10am – Walked up Brick Lane to the Brewery, where I was greeted by the following:

10:30 – I think to myself..Ok…’I bought a £10 Travelcard so i’ll wait it out for about an hour, then i’m going.’
13:30 – “Ok, this is taking the piss.”
I thought i’d wait it out because C’ often are Doc Martens sold at £25?!
As we go on..
15:00 – I was SO HUNGRY by this point because I hadn’t eaten and I’d have been damned if I left the line! A lot of people had let by this point so it was starting pick up.
17:30 – So, after SEVEN HOURS of standing in line, I enter the warehouse and was greeted by this:

I couldn’t get the boots I really wanted because surprise surprise…folks had nabbed them, so I ended up buying some boots that….eh..meh…bleh…I didn’t really want, but they would do for now. They are a size too big but I’ve grown to like them. Were they worth lining up for 7 hours? Nope, but it was an experience I won’t forget!.
Plus side; the sun was shining and I met some cool hipster people with their Creepers and short/shorts and blazers. Good times!
Did anybody else attend the sale? What did you get?
  • OMG!! I ever seen something like that! Here in L.A D.Ms are sold like water! EVERY corner! lol

  • effin hell!! thats insania!! You've got alot of patience to stick with it! and to see that pile of boxes at the end…I woulda been fumin!

  • WOW! That was definitely a clusterfuck – DAMN! Girl your good to of stayed in line for that long – dedication.

  • Imo

    Bloody hipsters. I would've bought a beigel and called it a day

  • WitchHazel

    Yikes. I love Doc Martins but don't think I would have toughed it out. At least you got something out of it, and when you get tired of them you can always sell those suckers on eBay for way more than 25 even if they're used ;]