Sleek’s Blush By Three ‘Lace’

Sleek have recently come out with a new trio of blush palettes; tres’ excite!
I’ve always been a huge fan of Sleek’s blushes, due to their excellent pigmentation and diverse shades and textures. There are four palettes; Lace, Pumpkin, Pink Spirit and Sugar.

Left: Crochet Middle: Guipure Right: Chantilly
The palette consists of two matt shades and one shimmer blush, which is in the middle. 
Crochet is a matt,vibrant orange-coral colour. As is Chantilly. However, with Chantilly, it’s more on the red side. As i’m not used to wearing bright powder blushes, I will be a bit light handed on it. In the middle is Guipure, which is the shimmer blush. It’s a beautiful golden/burnt orange colour that shows up beautifully on the skin!

Available at larger Superdrug branches. 

Have you guys picked up any of these blushes??
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  • Laura

    I have this and absolutely love it! Do you have any of the others? I think Pumpkin is my favourite.

  • steph

    I love it too! Noooooooooooooo I was supposed to pick up Pumpkin but it was sold out in the branch of Superdrug where I was! I really want to get Sugar too; maybe next week perhaps.

  • I soo wanted to pick this but its not available in all the countries 🙁

  • Gorgeous colours&great swatches think I want this and Flame!

  • I love these!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lace is gorgeous, the pigmentation against your skin is ridiculous!