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 *All photos courtesy of China Doll Boutique*
Hi all!

So, while at the Handpicked Media Goes Social event last week I had the chance to meet Nhuc Tran, fashion blogger and  founder of China Doll Boutique, an online boutique featuring feminine and kitsch clothing and jewellery; my kinda style!  I was instantly fascinated on the delicate tailoring of the dresses and the chunky knits, so I thought i’d share a few of my faves!

I absolutely adore the monochrome scalloped shirt in the top left corner. What I love most about the collection is that all the pieces are very versatile; whether you’re going on a night out or going into town, you’ll find something just right for you!  
The fringe eyelash top is to die for-literally; fashionable, unique and it looks warm!
Visit: China Doll Boutique
What do you think of the collection?
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  • Oh gorge I'm loving the screen print of the top outfit … must go look now 🙂

  • Forever Miss Vanity

    That skirt is gorgeous, I love it!

    I will have to invest in a piece like that.

    Lovely blog hunni, I'm following


  • Im loving the stuff, will check out the boutique now. xx

  • Bookmarked!

  • steph

    @LaaLaa I know right?!?! The top is gorgeous!

    @Miss Vanity Thanks love!

    @Angela & Natalie, thank you both! Thanks for reading!

  • All so gorgeous!!!

  • Joy

    Ahhh you beat me too it. All this uni work has been stopping me from blogging about this. Love the chunky knit cardi soo much.

  • Nhuc (owner of China Doll Boutique)

    Ahh thanks so much doll! Lovely comments too! 🙂