MAC Fashion Flower Collection.

MAC are preparing for the international release of their new collection entitled ‘Fashion Flower’. This collection was released in America initially and will be hitting the MAC website and UK stores next month!

Click more for photos of the collection!

From MAC…

“Bloom brightly with a stylish fusion of the floral and the fashionable in the summer color collection that evoke the cool side of the hottest season. Fashion Flower girls are free to be, each one with cultivated connection to the green house and the fashion house. Unfolding and flourishing these perennial prima donna embrace the growing tend of cheeks and eyes lightly dusted with daisy debossed beauty powder and shadows.
Their confidence steams from petal-light lashes that sprout dramatically with studio fix bold-black lashes dew lips that sparkle sweetly in Budding Beauty Lipgelee and Summer Shower, a softly sheer aqua blue lipstick. Ever him join these rare blossoms and succumb horticulturally to bouquet that’s equal parts of fleur and couture.”

Fashion Flower Collection

Fresh Daisy

Ground Cover

Bows & Curtsies

Free To Be
Alpha Girl

Light Sunshine
Budding Beauty, Fashion Flower and Now in Season
Ever Hip,  Growing Trend, Mile and Summer Shower

Will You be buying??

  • Strangely enough, I'm sort of excited for this collection. When I heard the name i thought oh we go…another collection aimed at our caucasian sisters…but actually, I'm hoping to pick up ever hip, growing trend and Mile! (lipsticks) along with Alpha girl blush, Free to be, Ground Clover and Bows&Curtsies eyeshadows…. May God bless my bank account so I can afford all these! LOL.

  • Stephanie

    lol right?? Some of the shades in this collection are pretty cool, I've fallen in LOVE Ever Hip and Bows&Curtsies too!

  • I dunno about this collection 🙁

  • im eyeing everhip!

  • yemi

    im not thinking any of this will look good on my complexion!

  • macs promo images are always amazing xx