My Flaws! =)

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    When I think of a flaw, I think of something like "being too bossy" or "spending too much money"…I would have never thought that you would list flaws as they relate to your outer appearance. I think you are absolutely stunning! And like you I'm 5'7, slightly overweight, have hooded lids, big eyes and arms. Trust me when I say the beauty that you exude goes beyond your physical attributes. But you've got to FEEL that. You are beautiful. In the meantime, this fellow beauty blogger will be finding ways that can help us grow 2 inches or so overnight. 🙂

  • Hey there, Love your Blog by the way but I really have to comment. I really have to say that ur Low self esteem is quite scary! One thing I noticed when u began talking was ur Beautiful eyes! And then the ur first flaw was your eyes I was like C'mooooooooooon!! I feel to tlk to u face to face but im getting ahead of myself with that thought! I don't know who have pointed all those features u named as flaws and painted in a bad light all i just want to say is ..Before u are content with ur exterior u have to fix up ur interior. Character is what carries u and makes u stand out! I'm sorry to say but u seem to be a lovely lady but how u've so described ur beautiful features is really undermining! It was like you're describing me i was pulling all sorta faces!! Please please and please, You are beautiful and all those insecurities are not worth it!