Sunshine On My Shoulders Makes Me Happy….

….Well…not really seeing as I hate Summer lmao (I cannot stand heat!). I got that title from a Simpsons episode I watched recently.
Anyhoo! Today has been such a beautifil sunny day and so I thought i’d take a trip to Primark to pick up a few pieces for Sprinf/Summer, and here’s what I came back with:
 Primark – £18

Aqua baggy cruise top – £4 Primark
Safari high waisted shorts – £10 Primark

Assorted necklaces – Primark £2.00/£4.00

I’m really looking to gather some more items for this Summer!
Have you got your new Spring wardrobe yet??
  • yemi

    love the shoes! x

  • also love e shoes

  • Shirley

    I was eyeing those shoes up, but had to control myself! I've got that necklace hehe! Lovely photos! 🙂 xo

  • Stephanie

    Thanks guys!

    @Shirley Primark are reeeeally stepping their game up aren't they?? I wanted to buy so many, but had to restrict myself lol! 😛

  • Love the depth of field…

    Have a look at some of my pics

    Black Crayon

  • Whoah I need those shoes in my life. Nice!!!