MAC: Ruby Woo

I’ve heard SO MUCH about this lipstick and I’ve seen a lot of people with it on and how nicely it suited them, so I decided to try it out for myself!

Looks like a semi-matt blue toned lipstick and i think it looks great on all skintones! I can’t wait to try this out properly.
Does anybody own Ruby Woo? What are your thoughts?
  • Own it and love it! Wish it a bit more moisturising though… Xx

  • Mbabazi

    i dont.would love to though. nice blog

  • Kiksy

    I own ruby and i love it! However, like shortiee said, i wish it was more lustre. the matteness of it can be a bit dry. especially for ladies with full lips. we need that extra moisture to fill in the cracks! haha x

  • steph

    I've noticed this while using it too! I put clear gloss on top but then it ends up being too glossy lmao!