Lush Chameleon Bath Ballistic for Charity!

Lush have come out with a limited edition bath ballistic this August in aid of the Animal Protection Agency, which  
campaigns against people keeping reptiles as pets.
A little backstory:
The Animal Protection Agency is the ONLY European organisation soley focused on ceasing the trade in wild animals being kept as pets. Most wild-caught reptiles die within their first year of being kept in captivity and the APA are campaigning for a change in the law to make keeping reptiles as pets illegal. 
Lush has joined forces with the APA to come out with a Chameleon bath bomb, only available until the end of August.
“Chameleon” bombs are £2.95 each and all proceeds will go towards funding further research.
I bought mine today and I cannot wait to use it! Be warned, its extremely glittery so handle with care. Apparently, when it comes into contact with water, there’s a little surprise, so i’ll be looking forward to that!
Has anybody else purchased this?
  • Chay Chay

    i absolutely LOVE Lush…everything smells SO good, OMG!

  • Oh how I love Lush products! And I'm glad to see they are a charitable company, I'm going to have to order this, I wanna know what the surprise is lol!

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