Kiely Williams – “Spectacular”….*Blank Stare*


1)What happened to the sweet little Kiely from 3LW?
2) Where did her lisp go??
3) Did they really show dude’s ass?
4) Why is her moaning so cringeworthy? I had to mute it. She can’t even moan properly.
5) This song is the new anthem for women committing #HoShit worldwide.
6) Why?  

  • Empress

    LMAO I asked myself all the same questions when I heard this. Did you watch her video response to the backlash…omg…chic thinks she's on another level!

  • LaCara

    LOL! When I saw this video I was in shock, from Disney to a street whore wannabe! I couldn't believe it was the same girl smh…

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