Saturday, 26 July 2014

Skin Chemists Instant Eye Lift

…Because why pay thousands of £££'s for the discomfort of going under the knife?
During the last couple of years, we've seen a huge boom in skincare products which have aimed to turn back the signs of aging and improve the pigmentation and elasticity of skin, without the hefty Harley Street pricetag. Today I'm talking to you guys about one such product, the Instant Eye Lift Gel from Skin Chemists!
I was kindly sent the eye gel to use, however seeing as I don't suffer from any major under eye problems (yet - give it time!), I decided to trial the product on Mother Dearest.
The eye lift serum is meant to 'dramatically reduce wrinkles, fine lines and puffiness in an instant' and contains active ingredient Magnesium aluminium silicate, which is responsible for the tightening of the skin, as well as its' longevity. Magnesium aluminium silicate is a safe, naturally occurring mineral derived from refined and purified clay and is used in a multitude of anti-aging skincare products. 
Can we quickly just point out the simply EPIC packaging though? (I see what they did there!) It sort of works how it would work if you were using a real syringe; you press the end until a little of the formula comes out and apply. This way is great as you have complete control over how much you actually use, so you don't end up with any wastage.
As I said upstairs, my mum trialed this for a couple of days and these were the results. Please bear in mind that the total time between the before and after pics was about 10 minutes.
As you can see, in her before photo, the darkness underneath my Mum's eyes were pretty prominent - this is the area that we wanted to concentrate on. I applied the formula under both eyes, gently patting downwards as instructed, and waited about 10 minutes. As seen in the bottom photo, her dark circles have lightened up significantly and the bags appear much lighter than in the before. My mum states that since using the product for about 12 days continuously, the skin underneath her eyes have looked a lot better and that she now does not need to use as much concealer as she used to before. She also uses the serum underneath her makeup, which gives her much more of a flawless finish.
I must say that I for one am pretty impressed at the difference. In some places, you'd have to pay like £400 every 4 months for this kind of treatment, so to have this come already prepared in an easily dispensable and available product s fab. Now, this isn't an on going treatment per-say; it's more of a spot-on/instant result treatment that'll be perfect for use as an under makeup primer. Now it's a bit on the expensive side; coming in at a slightly eye watering £103.31, but the results are instantaneous and a little bit of the product goes a really long way!
What do you guys think of the product? Would it be something you would consider instead of surgery?

Available online on the Skin Chemists website here.
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Saturday, 19 July 2014

Lip Geek | I Heart Makeup Review

I Love Makeup

I'm all about the lips this week as I have a natter about these nifty Lip Geek lipsticks from I Love Makeup by Makeup Revolution.
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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick

I honestly don't know why it's taken me so long to blog about this wonderful invention from Bourjois; seriously...they are amazing.
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Saturday, 12 July 2014

You give me (Hay)Fever.

You gotta love an ASOS sale when they come around, don't ya? I spotted this floral beauty on ASOS about three months ago and patiently waited for the day when it would hit one of ASOS's frequent sales before I snapped it up. What stood out to me about the dress was its' asymmetrical 'bat' sleeve on one side; granted it doesn't exactly look the same as it does on the model, infact it could be mistaken for looking like an extra piece of random material, but I feel that the business of the print more then compensates for it. I sized up in this dress as I thought that the arms may be a bit tight as I'm larger up top. Because of the size up, it looks pretty long and baggy on me but I don't mind as I find it to be quiet charming #bagladyalert. Also, LOOK AT THE PRINT. Makes my nose itch just looking at it - I'm in love!
I think I own about a good 4 or 5 floral dresses now. This time last year, my entire wardrobe consisted of blacks, navy blues and browns; mayyyyyybe a little green if I was feeling frisky. Style blogging and being within the plus sized blogging community has been instrumental in increasing my confidence and giving me that confidence to wear pieces that I normally wouldn't dream of wearing out in public. Do I still dislike certain parts of my body? Hell yeah and I probably always will, but life is just far too short to worry about what other people may think. I still have my insecure days where I'll lock myself in my room, look in the mirror and just cry, but those occasions are now few and far between. Anyhoo I didn't mean for this to go down the soppy route, I'll shaddap now LOL. Enjoy!
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Kelly Brook for New Look Matte Nail Polish Set

grr 071

There are so many different textures of nail polish these days, it's hard to keep up! For now, I'm kind of obsessed with the whole matte thing, but I've found that it's so hard to find a matte texture that actually goes on smoothly. 
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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

"Stripped Back" with NARS.


I take my hat off to all the ladies out there who are able to put on a full face of makeup everyday in this heat, because Lord knows I never could. Not gonna lie; I detest London in the Summer, with our prickly, humid heat and the London Underground being hotter than Satan's nut sack and all that. I especially hate the situations when you get on the tube, makeup looking raggedy and sticky and you get the horrid feeling that everyone within the tube car is staring at your melted, gooey face. Ew.
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