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  • #BlackLivesMatter…even to bloggers.

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One of the saddest things you can be is a 26 year old without *proper* savings, *MOPE*. In a bid to rectify this, I have decided to start budgeting like mad in an effort to feel more like a grown up. This means me not buying anything unless I absolutely need it, clothes and makeup included. As a result, you guys will be seeing a loads of clothes already featured on my blog, but re-styled.

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Freedom Makeup – The Far Away Galaxy Collection


You guys may already know by now, but there’s a new budget makeup brand on the scene: Freedom Makeup! Freedom Makeup is a professional makeup brand brought to you by the creators of Makeup Revolution and has a similar price point to the aforementioned. Being the lippie fiend I am, I decided to purchase their Far Away Galaxy collection: a group of five intergalactic themed ‘out there’ lipsticks and two red lipsticks from the Red collection, all a steal at £1 each.

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All Primark Everything.


Primark is the Neville Longbottom of fashion; they don’t always have their shit together, but they are reliable and always come through in times of crisis or impending grave peril (take spilling coffee on your brand new white top on the way to work for example). Every now and then, they come out with some gems, and this Spring is no different. At the moment, I am currently saving up for a few things so I’ve been popping into Primark more often for bits and bobs. The outfit below is all Primark everything and you may spot a couple of items I discussed in my previous Primark Haul video!

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#BlackLivesMatter…even to bloggers.

Photo credit: haggadot.com

Let me first apologise if what I’m about to write makes no sense whatsoever; I’ve never been the most eloquent when it comes to writing and I’m very ill at the moment! =/

If you follow me on Twitteryou probably would have seen me tweet an email that I received from a so-called “reader” of my blog yesterday. You guys are all probably aware of the devastating news that recently took place in Charleston, South Carolina this week, and the email I received was in response to my tweets regarding the heinous, racist and senseless killings:

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STYLE | District 12


I feel like I haven’t done a style post in so long so it feels good to be putting on up right now! I bet some of you are wondering why I’ve named the post ‘District 12′ – well it’s simply because when I tried on this New Look Rust Tie Waist Shirt Dress at the shop and looked in mirror, I felt like an extra from The Hunger Games. It just feels very ‘Post-Apocalyptic/Dystopian’ and I feel like a character out of George Orwell’s 1984. The best pieces are always ones that evoke a feeling or set a certain mood or attitude, and this dress is definitely up there. While i’m not the biggest fan of my arms being on show, It can be forgiven as the rose/copper colour is simply gorgeous and is one that I think compliments my skintone really nicely!

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