Wednesday, 28 January 2015


Please believe that I had a pair of back-up boots in my bag ready for whenever I needed 'em. It was freezing! Today I thought I'd give you an array of neony-zestiness, seeing as I don't tend to wear much colour often. I think this top is the first yellow item I've ever worn - how rubbish is that?? I definitely plan on switching up my colour palette this summer though as i think brighter colours may suit me.I absolutely adore this Longline Duster Coat by Simply Be - It's incredibly comfortable and I've been wearing this throughout the Autumn and even a few days here and there this Winter. The Jumper, scarf (which I could have probably done without, upon reflection) and pencil skirt are all from Primark.
I love the dual tone horizontal print of the skirt, which is kinda scuba-ish in texture. It does have a tendency to roll up at times though which is a tad annoying, but the colour is so striking that I could almost forgive that. I also do like me a good sandal at times, even though I can barely walk 300 years in them before I'm asking for the mobile trolley! I managed to nap the last pair in this colour from Next, some time ago.

Jumper - Primark
Scarf - Primark
Longline Duster Coat - Simply Be
Neon Shoes - Next
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Monday, 26 January 2015

Return of the MAC


I've never been that big on Mac products to be honest - While I understand the camaraderie of the various Mac collection releases, on a whole I do think they are hideously overpriced so aside from my cult products, I don't really shop there - In fact, this will be the first time I've bought anything from there in over 2 years!

The items you see above are all repurchases, save for Nightmoth (£12.50), which has been on my beauty wishlist for the last 4 years; I've just been too much for a tight, lazy git to actually get it until now. I remember seeing beauty vlogger Shirley B Eniang wear a combination of Nightmoth with her Ruby Woo and it looked absolutely amazing and from there I told myself that I needed it for all the reasons. 

laws 005

Nightmoth is described as a 'blackened plum' and is a very deep dark wine burgundy colour with strong red undertones. It's a gorgeous colour that goes well with Ruby Woo and Rebel if you're after a vampy-vixen look. I normally never use lipliner so this will take a little getting used to as I've been making a pigs' ear of it lately, however I'm sure to get better with practice.

I also made a repurchase of the cult colour Ruby Woo (£15.50), which is now a must have for my makeup bag. Me and Ruby didn't quite get on in the beginning as I found her too drying; but now we've worked out a compromise and have become the best of friends. 

Touch (15.50) is my all time favourite nude shade. Ever. To date I haven't found a shade to top it yet, which is a shame because I really don't feel like shelling out £15 each time (yes, I am cheap. I embrace it :P). Touch is a creamy, full colour browned nude with a glossy sheen and looks AMAZING on darker skin tones. I used to be a rose-nude kinda gal back in the day, however now I'm all about the browns. One of these days, I may just bulk buy this particular shade in case they ever run out (unlikely, but still, you never know!).

Last but not least is my favourite foundation of all time - Matchmaster (£28.00). I've tried all types of foundations, and even though most of them have been amazing, I always come back to my comfort zone, which is this one. I just love it. It matches my skintone EXACTLY; a rare feat you often find with darker skinned ladies. I get this in shade 9.0, which is the darkest shade; I distinctly remember them going up to 10.0 however it seems to have been discontinued - tut tut!

I normally use light coverage foundation, but I can afford to go medium with this as it blends in so effortlessly, with minimal to no shine around my oily T-zone. It contains SPF 15 and dries with a semi-matte finish. The foundation is apparently not 'photography friendly' as it doesn't include any magical HD finish chemicals however I think you can get away with it in photos. The formula isn't heavy or watery and have a wear time of about 8 hours or so. 

laws 081
laws 082
laws 052
laws 094
laws 100

Mac Matchmaster (9.0)
Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Powder in Deep Dark


MAC Ruby Woo / MAC Nightmoth lip liner
MAC Touch / MAC Burgundy lip liner

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Sunday, 25 January 2015

My favourite blushers


I'm not someone who has a lot of blushes to be honest; when I find one I like, I tend to just stick with it and use it and use it until it hits the pan, then I'll get a new one. I think I probably have less than 12 blushes overall (#BeautyBloggerFAIL) and so I thought I would show you some of my faves, all of which would suit people of all skin tones. 


1) Sleek Blush in Flush -  I know that certain types of makeup have expiry dates and I'm pretty sure that this blush has gone long past it, as I remember buying this in my last year of uni, nearly 5 years ago. O_O. It's my number one go-to blush and it's so tremendously pigmented that only a minute amount of it need be used - hence why I haven't even hit the pan yet. The quality in these blushes far supersedes the price, making them great value for money. It's dusty rose in pigment with light shimmer particles  and has a pretty smooth texture. I love!

2) MAC Powder Blush in Ambering Rose -  Ambering Rose is described as a "muted rose" from MAC. It's sort of a rosy brown/copper colour with slight golden shimmer and is very blendable without being chalky. It has a good colour payoff that's buildable from sheer to opaque and is likely to suit all skin tones. This is my second pot and I love wearing it during summer if I want a slight rose-tinged bronzed look


3) Sephora blush in Cinnamon Spice & Golden Spice- It has recently come to my attention (as of 2 minutes ago) that Sephora no longer do their single powder blushes anymore! Poo. A shame really, as these blushes were excellent. I picked them up back in 2013 while in New York and I'm now kicking myself that I didn't buy more. These two aren't as used as the two above as I find these slightly more chalky, but I do love the colours. There's a bit more of a shimmer with these blushes so I only tend to use them if I'm going 'out' out at night. We mustn't fret, however as I have two dupes of these (albeit a tad more expensive) coming up below!


4) NARS Blush in 'Taos" - This is one of the newer blushes in my collection and my first NARS blush. Long considered one of the heavy weights within the blush world, the NARS blushes have this baby soft, smooth texture and hideously brilliant pigmentation that is unparalleled. Taos is described as a 'desert rose with shimmer' and is a warm toned, burnt rose with a subtle golden sheen. The blush is incredibly pigmented so you'd need a light hand with this to avoid going overboard. It has a soft, finely milled texture that sits well on the skin and blends incredibly well. A must have for darker complexions! 

5) NARS Blush in 'Taj Mahal' - I remember asking some followers on Twitter last year about blush shades that would suit darker skintones and Taj Mahal pretty much came up unanimously. I was slightly intimidated by the stark orange colour, but after seeing some swatches and reviews online, I decided to take the leap, and boy am I glad I did. The blush is described as a 'burnt, blazing orange with golden shimmer' and is a bold, vibrant orange with hints of red and golden shimmer/sheen. This is definitely a blush for summer, let me tell ya. The pigmentation is insane and the LIGHTEST of hands is needed as not to go overboard; on darker skin the pigment will show instantly, however on lighter skin, you may need to use a stipling or feather blush to apply. See what it looks like on me here!

So there we have it; as you can see, I have a lot of love for dusty rose colours here; the NARS Taj Mahal blush is probably the 'craziest' blush I own but for the most part, I love colours that compliment the warm red undertones in my skin. 

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Blankety Blanx


*I know...I know..shoddy title. Forgive me, but when will I ever get to use such a title title again??*

These Blanx products have been on my radar of late, so I was pretty geeked when I found out a couple of weeks ago that I had won the full 'White Shock' collection on a blog competition! I had seen a few reviews floating around the interwebs; frankly it was the LED lights that come attached with the paste that caught my attention first, but I would be remiss in my blogging duties if I did not undertake a trial for review purposes. 

What's so special about this toothpaste that marks it from every other whitening toothpaste on the market, I hear you ask? Well, two things; a little patented ingredient named 'Actilux' and the Microwhite LED Activator Light. Actilux is a non-abrasive chemical that binds to the teeth and is activated by the LED light, creating a invisible barrier that blocks the causes of yellowing' and naturally whitens teeth. This ingredient is primarily featured in all the products above.


Blanx White Shock toothpaste x LED Accelerator 
The LED light accelerator automatically lights up when you unscrew the lid and begins to activate the Actilux within the toothpaste while you're putting the paste on your brush. Technology, eh?. The LED accelerator cap is reusable, so once you have used up the paste, it can be used again and again if you decide to buy another BlanX toothpaste. 

Blanx White Shock Mouthwash
Again, another product filled with ALL THE ACTILUX. This light activated whitening mouthwash binds to the teeth and can also be used with the LED accelerator...and the sun. As in natural light from outside, not the direct sun, as walking around grinning at the sun would look a bit dodgy tbh. 

Blanx White Shock Gel Pen
This gel pen is hydrogen peroxide-free and can be used anywhere (within sink distance). Simply rub a bit on your teeth, wait a couple of minutes, then rinse. 

Blanx LED Bite/Mouthguard
OK how fun does this look? The LED mouthguard is designed for use after brushing and helps to accelerate the whitening process. The guard is to be left in the mouth for 1 - 2 minutes after brushing.


I will be trialing this product for two weeks to see if there are any changes. The product claims to whiten teeth by four shades, which sounds exciting. Here's a 'before/current' photo of my teeth for now. 

I will check in with another review in two weeks!

Blanx Shock White Gel Pen // £10.00 // Boots

Blanx White Shock Mouthwash // £5.50 // Boots

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Saturday, 10 January 2015

I Covet Thee(se)...

Ain't January the worst?

I told myself that I will be implementing a 3 month spending ban of sorts (only breaking said ban to buy things of necessity like food, water..going out..ya know..). We are already on day 10 and I am already kicking myself, partly due to the fact that I basically need ALL THE THINGS.

I've composed a wishlist of sorts to remind me of the staples that I can hopefully pick up within the next couple of months or so. All the products above come from some of my favourite brands - as you can tell by the amount of items present, I don't need much for now - stress being on the 'NOW' part as I guarantee that'll be due to change within the next week or so!

I realised the other day that I haven't made a purchase from MAC in over a year: #DaFuq? When making purchases from there, I normally only stick to their lipstick, with two of my favourites being Ruby Woo and Touch. Ruby Woo and I initially didn't get on at first, what with her being dry as fuck on my lips and whatnot, but we found a comprise and now we are the best of friends.
Touch is an all round amazing nude lipstick that'll suit people of all skintones. It matches my skin tone PERFECTLY; no need for me to smudge or blend with other lipsticks or liners, and it doesn't make me look like a crackhead, which is always a bonus.

Bobbi Brown have recently released their Illuminating Nudes Collection  and this gorgeous Desert Rose blush is part of it, and I want it - I want it NOW! I realised that I don't have a lot of blush in my makeup drawer - this needs to be corrected asap. 

Now I love me some Balance Me. Their products have always agreed with my skin type especially during the Winter, particularly the Radiance Facial Oil which I like to use underneath my moisturiser, and the Super Moisturizing Body Wash, which smells amazing. Both can be found on Look Fantastic.

Last but not least are the lovely guys over at Makeup Revolution and their amazing products. I just want ALL THE EVERYTHING.
I love Makeup Revolution - the quality and prices of their products are amazing, and they keep coming out with bigger and better things - one of these things being the #LipHug lipsticks, a collection of highly pigmented, intense shades, and there are at least 12 colours there that I need now. 

So there we are, my essentials. Let's see how long we last before I give in and nab the lot, eh?

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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

So I now have combination skin...

Back when I was 18, I visited this cute little boutique spa in Wimbledon Village where I received a complimentary skin reading to determine my skin type. After a lot of prodding, kneading and faffing around with my face (at that point i'd half expected the lady to chuck me in an oven at 180 degrees), I was told that my skin type was dry, almost dehydrated even, and since then my whole skincare regimen has been based on this analysis.

For the last couple of years I noticed that whenever I would wear makeup, my T-zone would get extremely oily, however I discounted the notion of having something other than dry skin because, I mean, there was a whole lotta prodding going on during my skin exam, SURELY she must be right?!

Last month, I had my face analysed in one of those UV face analysis machine thingies courtesy of the lovely guys over at Balance Me at Debenhams and to my surprise, after a thorough analysis I was told that I do in fact have combination skin! While my cheeks and sides of my face are normal/slightly dry, my T-zone area is pretty oily and because of this, I'm looking to give my current facial products a complete overhaul, starting with these three:


1. Superdrug Detoxifying Dead Sea Mud Mask - £2.59 tube or £0.99 sachet 
After having a quick read up of masks that would be suitable for combination skin, I popped into Superdrug to purchase this mud mask containing dead sea clay. I thought it'll be best to buy something cheap and cheerful for now to see how it will affect my skin before opting for anything else. Detoxifying the skin is ideal for oil control and so I only use this around my T-zone once a week. The mask can become quite tingly when left to harden for 10 minutes, which can only mean that the product is working - well I assume it to be! Upon removal, my skin feels stripped - in a good way, not a paint stripper 'oh ma gad where is my face?!' sort of stripped. After I do this, my skin stays relatively oil free for a couple of days at most which is I suppose is okay, having nothing yet to compare it to!

You guys already know that I love me some Antipodes ( see here, here and here) so I was very excited to try this organic gel based cleanser which is said to brighten the skin. Containing yummy ingredients such as kiwi, Manuka honey and Vinanza grape and scented with green apple and cardamon, the cleanser contains a multitude of antibacterial exfoliants designed to combat the over-production of oils within our pores, revealing clear, blemish free skin. I do love this cleanser; it smells amazing and my face always has a certain tightness after using it which is refreshing.

3. Balance Me Radiance Face Oil - £30.00 for 30ml
Guys, I love this stuff. Marketed for all skin types, this oil can be used night and day and keeps skin intensely moisturized and hydrated, without being toooo oily. My face always feels extra plump after using the oil and it' great for use at night a my face feels hydrated and calm, which is awesome.

This isn't to say that i'll be re-hauling my whole skin regimen, just adding little bits here and there to control the oil. 

Do you guys use anything for oil control?
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