Saturday, 25 October 2014

#BareFacedorBold - BOLD 3

hhhhhh 015

Ahh...we finally come to the last look of the #barefacedorbold challenge and here we have a bit of a tropical/festive colour scheme here. The pearly violet shade takes centre stage across the whole of the lid, with the yellow tapering off towards the outer eye and the peach lining the crease. To be honest this is something I would wear on christmas day with a rose nude lip and rose blush!

KIKO is available online // Westfield
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Thursday, 23 October 2014

#BareFacedOrBold - BOLD 2

hhhhhh 014

For today's 'barefacedorbold look, I don't know about you guys but I'm getting a very 'Club Tropicana' vibe from this pairing. For the day, I would use the blue shadow on the whole of the lid, using the peach shade to cut along the crease. To jazz it up in the night time, I would use the gold glitter on my outer lids. Pair this with blue toned blush and a nude lip and you'll be good to go!

Check back in tomorrow for the third and final bold look!

KIKO is available @ Westfield //Online
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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

#BareFacedOrBold - BOLD 1


For today's bold look I went for a bit of a carnival/Rio de Janeiro theme; a sweeping of the KIKO pearly violet across the lids, with Sparkling Green blended into the outer lid/crease and Yellow to line the eyes. To make it extra bold, I would pair this look with a dusty pink blush and a cherry red glossy lipstick .

Tune in for tomorrow's bold colour swatch!

KIKO is available @ Westfield //Online
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

#BareFacedOrBold Challenge: Bare x 3


Hi guys! So at the moment I am participating in the #BareFacedOrBold challenge in collaboration with Westfield in which I have to create three bold and three bare colour schemes using the eye palettes provided. In this case, I was kindly sent the KIKO Eyeshadow Clic System featuring shades that cater to both looks, however unfortunately due to my eyes acting up and breaking out in a rash, I haven't been able to create the 'look' on my face (wah!). Instead, I'll be showing you some colour swatches of shades that I feel embody both bold and bare looks. 

Today we have three 'bare' swatches:

westf 021


First up we have this soft, almost ethereal colour scheme using infinity eye colours from the KIKO palette. From left to right: Coral Rose, Light Taupe and Gold. I would use the coral rose as my main colour across the lid, adding the taupe to the inner eye and perhaps a cut crease, finishing off toward the outer eye with the gold. 


Next we have shadows in Sparking Dahlia Rose and Gold. In the photos, Dahlia Rose looks almost identical to Taupe, but I assure you they aren't; Dahlia is a gorgeous powdery almost nude-pink that I think would look great with a subtle shimmer of the gold on top; because a bare look can always be tarted up :).


Lastly we have Papaya and Dahlia Rose. The good thing about this shade is that you can build up the coverage, from extremely pale, to full on colour. In this instance, I would use Dahlia in the inner eye, slowly blending it towards the outer eye with Papaya.

Stay tuned for the next three days as I show my bold colour combos!

KIKO @ Westfield // Online

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Events | The #BloggersTeaParty: All the fun

blgg 047

So last Sunday, myself along with a good 28 or so other bloggers were invited by the awesome Olivia  and Nadja to an amazing tea party event which was held at cute kitsch cafe Drink, Shop and Do up in Kings Cross. From the outside, the cafe looks pretty small, but once you venture inside it's pretty huge length wise and it was a wonder that they were able to accommodate all of us! We were situated in a lovely, dusky private room at the back of the cafe where all if not most of us ordered a cup of tea/coffee/hot chocolate and a huge slice of their assorted cakes which was, by the way, tres magnifique!

I had such an incredible time meeting new bloggers, as well as reuniting with the gorgeous Lucie  and my teammates from Hint Hunt , Jessica and Tom! During our time there, there were chances to win fun products and I actually won a Jelly Belly machine! It's currently chilling on my bedroom table as I type this; I ask you, how fat is my life?!

The event was sponsored by a multitude of different brands, including Balance Me, So...?, Makeup Revolution, Sleek and Palmers, as well as a cool beauty bar with brands including Dr. Bronners, Ciate, Jason and ForYou skincare, which was all included in our jam packed goody bag! All in all, the event was very well organised, fun and effortless and I really take my hat off to Liv and Nadja for this whole thing - bring on the Christmas meetup! 

Now for photos :D

blgg 069
Getting snap happy with Tom!

Also, here's a little titbit of what I wore on the day! Check out my face on the right; totally wasn't ready LMAO

Skirt // ASOS  Top // Primark  Jacket // New Look  Boots // Primark


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Tuesday, 14 October 2014



Winter may be just round the corner, however I for one am not quite ready to cover up the gams JUST yet. I've always been able to go out bare legged in the Winter; they just just never seem to get cold. My HANDS however, are a different story altogether.

I had been uhmm'ing and ahh'ing about getting this Simply Be dropped hem dress for the longest time, however when I saw my bae Hollie from Pretty Big Butterflies rock the dress flawlessly on Instagram, I decided to pop into the store and give it a purchase - it also helped that it was, and still is on sale!

Now, you may be wondering why the dress seems rather tight around the ole' tummy - well don't fret as there's a method to my madness. It occurred to me that with this sort of material I would need to size up, however I decided to keep to my normal size as I'm currently getting back on the 'Winter Health Kick' as it were, and plan to lose a bit of weight, which at the moment is going well (pray for me though O_o) . I paired the dress with very simple, yet elegant/edgy necklace from Alexander McQueen and some good old trusty boots from Ye Olde' Primark. 

Apologies for looking like Alfred Hitchcock in the face by the way - I was bitten by something last week that caused my face to swell and I didn't have the energy to apply makeup this day - LOL, sexy. 

new clothes 057

Grid dropped waist dress // Simply Be 
Charm necklace by Alexander McQueen
Biker Jacket // New Look Inspire (similar here)
Block heeled boots // Primark (similar here)

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